S100 / S185 Fire Suppression and Safety (for BC only)


Full S100 S185

Under 15 students = $190 / student
16-25 students = $170 / student
Over 25 students = $150 / student

Minimum class size=10

S100 Half-day refresher (Worksafe BC annual update)

< 10 students = $80 / student
11-19 students = $60 / student
20+ students = $40 / student

Minimum class = 8

Classes with students requiring both the Full S100/185 and annual safety update can be done together at the same time.

*For safety reasons, we highly recommend having a qualified instructor to deliver the course on site.


Distances less than 100km from Hythe, Alberta - $.85/kilometer return from Hythe, Alberta.

Distances greater than 100km from Hythe, Alberta - $.85/kilometer return from Hythe, Alberta + $30 extra charge for every additional 100km return from Hythe.

**Overnight accommodations and meal charges may apply for distances greater than 200 km from Hythe, Alberta


Course can be cancelled, up to 16 hours before class starting time, without any penalty.

If cancelled, within 16 hours, then a flat fee of $400 will be charged.

This fee however, will be deducted from the next bill, if another course is booked and completed.



The BC Forest Service Wildfire Management Branch recognizes Basic Fire Suppression and Safety (S-100) training only when delivered by a BCFS-endorsed instructor, and only when the S-100 curriculum is delivered in the approved format. S-100 training will be delivered over two full days: one day in the classroom (theory), and second day in the field (practical exercise).

Course can be updated, if done within one year of taking the full two day S100/185 course. This is called the annual update or S100a and can be given in under 4 hours. Some places you can take it on line but we recommend that a qualifies instructor give the course, as it involves important safety reminders.

  • Worksafe BC requires anyone who actions a forest fire to be S100 certified.
  • BC Ministry of Forest requires an occupant, especially within 1 ½ km of a fire, to report and action a fire.
  • Companies coming to and /or operating in BC must show due diligence and responsible protection for members of their crews by ensuring that members are S100 certified.


Course duration is 2 days but please call us first. We need to discuss the current experience and certification of your crew so that we can estimate the course duration for your specific crew.

Worksafe BC Safety Update, for those that have S100 tickets from previous years, is 4 hours.


A ticket of certification is provided immediately at conclusion of course and viable for for one year. If attending (or taking online) the annual safety update, then the certification ticket is good in perpetuity. A photo copy of all tickets, will be provided to employers for their records.


  • 30 years' training experience.
  • Certified with the BC Ministry of Forests as a qualified instructor.
  • Trained internally for the BC Ministry of Forest and for industry with a fire simulate. Also trained employees of Municipal Fire Departments, to effectively fight forest fires.
  • Fought forest fires of all sizes throughout BC for 23 years mostly as a fire boss, or what is known today as an Incident Commander.

You will find that your crew members will be well pleased with the instructions given.


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