Basic Wilderness Survival


Flate rate of $900 for up to 10 students plus $50 for each additional student.


Distances less than 100km from Hythe, Alberta - $.85/kilometer return from Hythe, Alberta.

Distances greater than 100km from Hythe, Alberta - $.85/kilometer return from Hythe, Alberta + $30 extra charge for every additional 100km return from Hythe.

**Overnight accommodations and meal charges may apply for distances greater than 200 km from Hythe, Alberta


Course can be cancelled, up to 16 hours before class starting time, without any penalty.

If cancelled, within 16 hours, then a flat fee of $400 will be charged.

This fee however, will be deducted from the next bill, if another course is booked and completed.



This course equips workers for wilderness survival and therefore greatly reduces the chance of injury or death. By enrolling their employees in this course, companies would have ensured that they have provided the proper training needs for their workers in wilderness survival.


4 hours, but can be longer, if client requests it, to meet each company's specific hazard risks.


  • A review of what items should be in the vehicle or on a person at all times when going into the back country.
  • Review the stages of hypothermia in order to recognize what level a person is in, know when the person is in danger and know what to do when this occurs.
  • Best ways to stay warm and dry.
  • Types of survival shelters.
  • Priorities for survival
  • How a person can keep a balanced head and maintain a positive attitude while in a crisis survival situation.
  • Additional items relating to vehicle or ATV/boat travel on back country roads or trails.
  • Audience participation and group work: Each group will be presented with a real life safety survival situation and asked to relate how they would have approached survival in those situations. They will be taught what really happened in those situations and what the correct approach should have been. Instructor will endeavor to lead the class to the best decision, regarding different survival scenarios that they could find themselves in.
  • Extra time given to dealing with individuals' or companies' specific type of back country work, where they could find themselves in a survival situation. Items such as check-outs and check-ins.

Some Bear Aware & Safety covered as well.


  • Understand the best procedures for avoiding survival situations.
  • Learn to have the right equipment available for survival.
  • Learn the thinking process necessary for making the best decisions for survival.



4 hours, but can be longer, if client requests it, to meet each company's specific hazard risks.


Receive a ticket of completion, indicating course completion, and good for three years.


  • Worked as a Forest Officer and Logging Supervisor for 30 years.
  • Completed survival courses.
  • Attended many back country trips with aircraft, horses, ATV and on foot for both work and recreation.
  • Previously ran a trap line.
  • Winter camped many times, including in the Fort Nelson area, while inspecting slash abatement on Oil and Gas exploration, for the Government.
  • Studied extensively, regarding many survival techniques and equipment on the market today.


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